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TD-15R Extra LT / LGP

Engineered for Productivity

The TD15 Dozer set the standards for others to follow and are a result of Dressta’s experience in designing highly efficient and productive crawler dozers. Key design features range from optimization of weight distribution to modular construction, a one-piece main frame, and a 3-point track mounting system. The machine weight is perfectly matched to its power for unbeatable traction and unrivaled drawbar pull, so you can rip and move more material per hour.

Productive and Dependable

The LiuGong Dressta TD15 mid-size dozer is powered by a turbocharged Cummins QSB 6.7 engine which feature a high-pressure common-rail fuel system to ensure efficient performance while supplying the power you need for maximum productivity at the job site. Thanks to the proven common-rail fuel system, this technology delivers a precise quantity of fuel at high pressure and increases fuel economy and performance, decreasing exhaust and noise emissions with consistent performance at every rpm.
TD15 Dozer feature engine

Comfort Zone

Dressta operators will enjoy exceptional in-cab comfort from the performance of the air conditioning system to the location of the controls for optimal operator comfort.  The comfortable suspension seat is adjustable to the operator’s weight and sitting position and is equipped with full arm rests and seat belt. It swivels to the right for better ripper viewing and reduced operator fatigue during long ripping runs.
TD15 Dozer feature cab

Service Made Simple

Keeping your Dressta dozer in top running condition requires less effort, thanks to ground-level access to the engine and daily maintenance checkpoints. The modular power train layout means every major component can be serviced or replaced in the field in just a few hours.
TD15 dozer feature service

Heavy Duty Design

Our Dressta TD15 features a steering drive that is controlled with the lefthand joystick. The joystick controls the transmission in high or low range as well as left or right gradual speed turns. Brakes for parking and downhill control are activated by a foot pedal, and are spring applied and hydraulically released.
TD15 Dozer feature controls