Welcome to LiuGong North America's Sourcewell Program.
A way for government, education and nonprofit organizations to purchase LiuGong Equipment with a cooperative purchasing program.
With a legacy spanning over 65 years, LiuGong has become a global leader in construction equipment manufacturing. Our machines are known for their exceptional quality, durability, and efficiency. LiuGong Machines are meticulously engineered using advanced technology and undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance even in the harshest conditions. Moreover, LiuGong offers a diverse range of products, including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and more, catering to various construction needs. Our company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in our continuous development of cutting-edge features and user-friendly designs. Additionally, we provide comprehensive after-sales service, spare parts availability, and extensive dealer networks worldwide, ensuring prompt support and minimizing downtime.
No matter your project or need, investing in a one or a fleet of LiuGong Machines is a wise decision that will guarantee reliability, productivity, and long-term value.
As a result of national competitive solicitation, Sourcewell has awarded LiuGong North America national cooperative contracts for Medium and Heavy Construction equipment #011723-LIU.
The benefits of the program include:
  • One source provider - so you can get absolutely everything you need and want, including expert help when you need it.
  • Easy ordering process - customized experience just for you.
  • Special pricing on our world class products - no matter the job LiuGong is the right choice to provide your municipality with the tools for the job.
Learn more about the contract details at Sourcewell.
Ready to Get Started?
Email Paul Cranage for assistance: sourcewell@liugongna.com
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