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Just like we strive to make owning, operating and maintaining our machines simple — we make financing them equally as simple. We know that finance solutions are critical to the success of our dealers and customers, and demonstrate our continued long-term commitment and investment in the North American market.

Retail finance programs

Easy money
1.99% / 36 Months
2.99% / 48 Months
3.99% / 60 Months
Retail a New / Unused LG machine. For qualified customers.
Straight Lease
1.99% / 36 Months
2.99% / 48 Months
3.99% / 60 Months
Lease a New / Unused LG machine (qualified customers) with a $1 buyout at end of lease.
Blowing snow
+ 5 payments per year (Nov – Mar)
+ 48 or 60 month term
+ 10%-15% down
For qualified customers. Customer must be snow removal business and will own machine at end of term.
No pay until 2020
1.99% / 36 Months
2.99% / 48 Months
Retail a New / Unused LG machine. (qualified customers) and make no payments until
Contact a dealer
For payment terms

Total cost of ownership

The acquisition cost of a new piece of construction equipment is no small transaction. When tallied up, maintenance, parts, service, fuel, etc. all are factors to consider. From the point of purchase throughout the life-cycle of the machine, rest assured with LiuGong’s high-efficiency, high-reliability, high-maintainability and stellar service — the value of your equipment and business are held in the highest regard.

Why finance with us

LiuGong has listened and responded to the voice of our dealers and customers and created a turnkey solution for wholesale, rental, retail and lease financing. LGNA provides dealers/customers everything they need in a machine and nothing they don’t. Equipment that is easy to operate, with standard features, controls and access points to make maintenance convenient so that more time is spent working.

LiuGong Finance was formed through a relationship between LiuGong North America and TCF Financial Corporation. A tremendous amount of preparation and work has gone into creating competitive retail and rental finance programs for our dealers and customers.