LiuGong’s collaborative approach is a core value that has led to impressive leaps in our build quality and reliability through joint ventures with top component makers. Similarly, we think through the dealer experience from a businessman's perspective to create a better way forward for our dealer partners. This extends to our end customers, who can rely on our machines and service to deliver for them on the job and for their bottom line.
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Tough World Tough Equipment
LiuGong creates world-class machines built with worldclass components. Using renowned systems and suppliers, our customers can count on LiuGong machines to work – and keep on working – whatever the job. That’s why we employ a team of over 1,000 research and development engineers – so that we can guarantee the durability, efficiency and productivity of each and every LiuGong machine.
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64 Years and Going Strong
Founded in 1958, in 1966 LiuGong launched China’s first modernized wheel loader, the legendary Z435. Shortly after it began trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1993, LiuGong started bolstering its global credentials, partnering with a number of prominent international companies. The company now has divisions in North America, South America, Europe, India, Asia Pacific, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa - ensuring that LiuGong's full line of intuitive machines are available to customers around the world.
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World-Class Partners
You can learn a lot about a person from the company they keep, and the same is true in business. As LiuGong has grown and developed, we’ve made some strategic decisions about partnerships, joint ventures and supplier relationships. Among the key relationships are those with engine manufacturer Cummins® and transmissions and axle manufacturer ZF® – two world class brands.
The high quality of LiuGong construction equipment does not happen by accident. Staying ahead of constantly evolving industry developments is central to how we work. From understanding customer needs, perfecting and implementing technological breakthroughs, to adapting to changes in regulatory legislation, Research and Development is a vital stage in our delivery of tough, reliable construction machinery to you. We employ an expert team of over 1,000 engineers – nearly 10% of all our employees – in 40 research divisions spread across four state-of-the-art research and development facilities. And in 2015 alone, LiuGong invested more than US$40.8 million into our R&D program. All these skilled men and women are tasked with discovering innovative new ways to influence the quality and sustainability of construction machinery – everything we do here impacts the long-term future of both the company and the industry.
Facts About LiuGong
We have 30 overseas subsidiaries & offices.
LiuGong is the #1 selling wheel loader globally.
LiuGong wheel loader ranks No.1 in Chinese market share.
LiuGong employs more than 17,000 people globally.