LiuGong North America Adds Love Power Equipment To Its Dealership Lineup

KATY, Texas – April 14, 2022 – LiuGong North America has added Love Power Equipment to its dealership lineup. Love Power Equipment, Inc., located in Homosassa, Florida, sells to a six-county area north of Tampa and is a full-line LiuGong dealer that sells both forklift and construction equipment.

Owner Chad Halleen was looking to expand his 32-year-old owner/operator business in western Florida, so he added LiuGong products to a line that also includes automotive dealerships and motorsports products. Halleen works in partnership with Love Power General Manager Steve Craig.

“Florida has a great opportunity with a lot of construction projects going on, and it was exciting for us to be in this space,” Craig said. “The LiuGong management team has a great and diverse background to grow their business, and that’s why we joined forces.

“One of the things that’s very exciting about the whole management team is these guys are just a phone call away. These guys reach out to us, and we’re reaching out to them every week.”

The two met with LiuGong’s leadership team and officially joined the fold following the 2022 AED (Associated Equipment Distributors) Summit in nearby Orlando. Craig and Halleen welcome the quick and direct line of communication to the LiuGong leadership and management team.

“We want to grow with someone that also wants to grow to be a part of something big, and that’s what we believe LiuGong will be able to do,” Halleen said.

“The communication here is very collaborative. Our voice here is heard by the manufacturer, which is not always the feeling you get. When you talk to the LiuGong team, you’ll talk to them directly; you won’t get handed off to someone to suggest 10-minute Zoom call three weeks from now.”

The company is looking to expand its footprint through construction projects near and north of Tampa, with toll roads, freeway expansions and small agricultural projects potentially on the radar.

“With Florida serving as a hotbed of activity for construction projects and economic development, it’s exciting to welcome a new western Florida-based dealer to the LiuGong family,” said LiuGong North America President Andrew Ryan.

“We’re committed with our team to support Love Power Equipment as they grow their business. We’re thankful they’ve chosen LiuGong for their construction equipment and forklift needs.”

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Love Power Equipment, Inc.

 Love Power Equipment, Inc.