Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - 10 March 2020 - For more than 60 years, LiuGong has been committed to providing our customers with the best products and service to help them succeed in their business.

LiuGong is recognized as the manufacturer of a full line of tough machines that have been proven to withstand the most extreme working conditions for any job, anywhere. What’s more important, LiuGong has evolved to become a provider of comprehensive solutions that satisfies customers in every aspect of their business: financially, geographically, versatility and service. LiuGong has worked closely with its global dealers and partners to offer our customers one of the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

liugong expo

LiuGong attended 2020 ConExpo with 15 machines

Speaking of LiuGong’s development, Mr. Zeng Guang’an, Chairman of LiuGong Group says: “LiuGong is always keeping abreast of the changing market and thinks ahead to fulfill our commitment to our customers. In 2019, LiuGong promoted ‘total globalization, total solution and total intellectualization’ as our major strategies for 2025 and with the “three totals”, LiuGong is to build the business together with our dealers, partners and customers all over the world.”

LiuGong has grown fast in international markets. Over the past year, 51 new dealers joined LiuGong, and over 100 new branches were opened globally. These additions are complementary to our current network to provide close and fast service to customers. As a result, nearly 2,000 new customers selected LiuGong for their equipment needs.

liugong expo

“It is time for LiuGong to move forward. In 2020, LiuGong will continue to build localized support for our global business.” said Zeng. In fact, LiuGong has already made many strides in the localization progress. In early 2019, LiuGong acquired CPMS in the UK, building its first international retail business. In January 2020, LiuGong celebrated the grand opening of LiuGong Indonesia, bringing the total of overseas regional subsidiaries to 13. And in the United States, LiuGong enlarged its organization with local, experienced talent and started local assembly of LiuGong excavators. All these initiatives have helped LiuGong to provide more customized products and focused services to help our customers succeed.

liugong expo

The opening ceremony of LiuGong Indonesia

LiuGong understands that the customers’ needs are never as simple as just a machine. They want full solutions, full support with low TCO. Going beyond our equipment, LiuGong has strived to offer an entire package that covers the entire value chain throughout a machine’s life cycle.

LiuGong is cooperating with financial companies to carry out flexible and diverse solutions for both our dealers and the end users. For the aftersales market, LiuGong continues to improve capabilities in service, parts, training and technology support. Both parts availability and fill rate has been increased significantly throughout 2019.

Additionally, LiuGong has expanded the product offerings to meet with customers’ specific application needs and now with 19 product lines, LiuGong can help our customers in any sector: earthmoving, infrastructure, mining, road and highways, municipals, forestry, among others. In 2019, we launched 62 new products in 12 product lines, including Stage V wheel loaders, F-series excavators and tailor-made machines, such as snow removal and demolition excavators.

Furthermore, the advent of the new industrial revolution represented by big data, IOT, automation, electrification and intellectualization has brought both opportunities and challenges to CE manufactures. Intellectualization is a key strategy for LiuGong and one of the approaches to this goal is to enhance and expand our cooperation with partners.

At 2019 BICES in Beijing last year, LiuGong launched a series of notable technologies and achievements; 5G remote controlled intelligent shoveling wheel loaders and Battery Electric Vehicles, among others. Jointly developed with China Telecom, the application of 5G remote control technology enables equipment to be controlled from over 2000 kilometers away with only 30 milliseconds delay and will expand machines’ utility in dangerous and unsafe environments. Meanwhile, the first generation BEVs, were unveiled; including an 856HEV wheel loader and two excavators, the 906E-EV and 922F-EV.

liugong f-series

LiuGong debut the F-series at BICES

“Working with our partners, LiuGong is applying proven technologies in our equipment; effectively reducing development time of new products. It is a win-win approach for both LiuGong and our partners” said Mr. Huang Haibo, President of LiuGong. “And most importantly, it will benefit our customers in the end. With improved machines’ performance, they can realize increased profits. Through ‘working smart and working powerful’ principle, LiuGong also boosts our customers’ success.” he concluded.

For LiuGong, 2020 has started with challenges but we are poised and ready to meet both the challenges and the opportunities.