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A MINI That's Loaded With Improvements

The 9018F may be small in stature, but it’s big where features are concerned. Compact dimensions, foldable dozer blade, and a retractable undercarriage make it a great fit in more ways than one..

Power without waste

The new 9018F Excavator is powered by the latest fuel efficient Yanmar 3TNV80F engine, it has a net power rating of 13.4 kW (18 hp) and fully complies with Tier IV Final emission standards without compromising on power or performance. The refined combustion process assures precise fuel delivery and control.  The result is reduced emissions, improved performance over a wide range of application and increased fuel economy.
9018F feature engine

Ultimate Comfort

The new 9018F Excavator provides an operator platform geared to get more work done with creature comforts that make those 12 hour days a breeze.  Ergonomic controls and excellent all-around visibility , the platform enables full control of the operator station.
9018F feature platform

Ease of Use

When it's time to perform the standard daily maintenance checks, the new 9018F Excavator makes access to critical areas easy on the operator.
9018F feature access

Short Tailswing

The 9018F’s design is built for operating in those hard to maneuver locales like congested roadways, near commercial buildings and residences and anywhere obstacles can impede work.
9018F feature boom