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890H Great more


But the really big news that the contractor recently shared with us is that the machine has clocked more than 4,100 hours with only normal service and no down time! The customer is very happy with the quality, operational cost and up-time of his new 890H. 

Recently, the contractor’s operations manager told us, "Our 890H loader handles material exceptionally well and is extremely fuel and time efficient, as well as operator friendly. We have been using the LiuGong 890H for over a year and half, and by now we have almost put 4,500 hours on it. Our concrete recycle application is one of harshest environments any piece of equipment can be in, and of course, when we first put the 890H to work, we didn’t know how it would hold up. So far, it’s done an amazing job. And I’m happy to say that it is getting 20% to 25% better fuel burn than our other brand’s same size loader. He continued, “Based on all this, we look forward to purchasing our next multipurpose 890H LiuGong loader. We believe in these machines so much we will be converting our fleet to LiuGong."